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Political Organizing

Val Hinshaw

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Stephen Gale
Laura Declercq


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President Obama's Announcement on End of Iraq War

President Obama fulfills a promise to the American people by announcing all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of 2011, effectively ending the war in Iraq.?

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Occupy Wall Street Events in Santa Rosa and Sonoma


At last night's (October 11, 2011)?Central Committee meeting, the Sonoma County Democratic Party?voted unanimously to support the Occupy Wall Street movement and to support local actions by the Occupy Movement in the Bay Area.?That support includes the actions planned in the City of Sonoma on Friday, October 14 and in Santa Rosa on Saturday, October 15.

Based on my conversations with some of the local organizers -- who have a strong desire to maintain the "non-partisan" nature of these actions and some of whom have expressed concern that their effort may be co-opted by others now that?they are?gaining steam --?the local party will be promoting attendance by our volunteers, expressing our support on our own web page and many members of the leadership of the local party are planning to attend some or all of the local events.

We will not issue a press release or display party signs at any Occupy events. We will not be speaking at any events and will not seek the opportunity to speak.?

As we discussed at the Central Committee meeting -- this movement arose spontaneously and?has largely been organized by young people who have not been involved in organized political activities before. This gives a very important opportunty for those of us over 50 and others who are already "in the mainstream" and who have our own organizational agendas firmly established to LISTEN and LEARN.?

I encourage all of us who are so deeply involved in politics to listen closely to the next generation of leaders who have stepped forward in the Occupy movement.?

I hope that you will support Occupy Sonoma & Occupy Santa Rosa actions this week.

Links to the information about the two local events follow:


Santa Rosa:?

All my best,

Stephen Gale, Chair, Sonoma County Democratic Party

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Republicans: On the Side of Wall Street, Not Consumers

Tell Republicans: Leave Wall Street reform alone. Put consumers first, and confirm Richard Cordray to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:?Add My Name

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Help Get America Working Again

Tell Congress to Act Now
Learn More About President Obama's?American Jobs Act
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Strike to Support Nurses and Health Care Workers

Join Us on September 22!

Thursday, September 22, 12 noon
Kaiser Santa Rosa (meet on the front lawn area)
401 Bicentennial Way, Santa Rosa
Sonoma County Democrats will be walking the picket line with the California Nurses Association (CNA) and the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)as part of a statewide, 24-hour sympathy strike involving 23,000 nurses at 34 hospitals.
The CNA strike is being held in support of NUHW health care professionals and nurses, who are planning one-day, two-day and three-day walkouts to protest Kaiser's plan to reduce their health care and retirement benefits. Nurses will also engage in a simultaneous one-day strike against Sutter Hospital's demands for cuts in patient care and services in addition to RNs' benefits.
In a September 16 press release, Stephen Gale, chair of the Sonoma County Democratic Party, said: "Democrats have a long history of fighting for workers' rights, and we're proud to stand in support of the hard-working nurses and health care workers who serve on the front lines of the war that's currently being waged against working people in our country."
We encourage all Democrats to join us!
More information: 707-299-8420

A resolution to support the September 22 strike was passed at the September 13 meeting of the Sonoma County Democratic Party's Central Committee.?Full text of the resolution follows:

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