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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3727
Santa Rosa, CA 95402


SCDP Central Committee Meetings
2nd Tuesday of each month
6:30-9 p.m.
CTA Offices
2490 Guerneville Road
Santa Rosa, CA

Stephen Gale

First Vice Chair
Dorothy Battenfeld

Second Vice Chair
Margaret Fishman

Recording Secretary
Cherie Maria

Corresponding Secretary
Maria Peluso

Don Frank

Standing Committee Chairs

Candidate Search and
Development Committee

Blake Hooper
Communications Committee
Bleys Rose

Finance Committee
Darin Bartow

Fundraising Committee
Helen O'Donnell
Office Committee
Outreach, Advocacy and
Legislation Committee

Dale Axelrod
Political Organizing

Val Hinshaw

E-Board Representatives
Stephen Gale
Laura Declercq


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Get Out the Vote!

Call for Volunteers - Now through Election Day, November 6

One more day - it's not too late to make a difference in this election!?

Help us?Get Out The Vote!

We are working hard to make sure people get out to the polls to vote for our endorsed candidates and ballot measures!

GOTV efforts will be coordinated out of the?SCDP Campaign Headquarters:

701 2nd St. (at D St.)
Downtown Santa Rosa
Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

How You Can Help: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • Hang Democratic Party door hangers for voters?to take to the polls
  • Call voters to remind them to vote
  • Adopt a precinct - poll watch
  • Answer voter questions
  • Data entry
Training for Poll Watching and Other Activities:
  • Monday, November 5, 5 pm
Sign Up to Help
Contact us with your availability in one of the following ways:

1. Email us at socodemos©
2. Phone us at 707-575-3029
3. Stop by our campaign headquarters (see above for address and hours)
Thank you for everything you do - we're almost there,?but we really need you in the home stretch!
We hope to see you between now and November 6 at our campaign?headquarters,?and then at our?
2012 Victory Party on Tuesday evening, November 6!?
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What's at Stake in the 1st District Supervisor Race

Dear Fellow Democrats,?
The stakes are high for Sonoma Valley. Two Santa Rosa City Council members, Susan Gorin and John Sawyer, are running for the seat, and the one elected in November will likely serve on the Board of Supervisors for more than a decade.? Development of event centers along Highway 12, new resorts and other tourism-related projects will emerge in that time. Modifying special districts, including water and sewer districts, to raise revenue for the infrastructure to support this development will be important issues. Now the spending war has started in earnest. When a Los Angeles-based Real Estate Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee broke the County's $10,000 spending threshold by supporting John Sawyer, it triggered an automatic increase in contribution limits to the candidates from $2,625 to $5,250. Susan Gorin is endorsed by the Sonoma County Democratic Party, Sierra Club and Sonoma County Conservation Action because of her strong, continuing commitment to community engagement and input on planning decisions that will affect the people who live, work and visit Sonoma County for generations to come. In his book, A Tale of Two Valleys: Wine, Wealth, and the Battle for the Good Life in Napa and Sonoma, Alan Deutschman writes: "The Napa Valley had become synonymous with elitism and prestige and the excesses of wealth and hedonism. In the Sonoma Valley, though, the momentum of the money culture was in conflict with an almost anachronistic ideal of rural living and small-town community." He writes of the complicated battle for Sonoma Valley that culminated in the overwhelming vote for Measure A in the September 21, 1999 Special Election which preserved the hillside behind Mountain Cemetery that was slated for development. Though the citizens supporting preservation raised little more than $10,000 and were outspent by more than ten to one, the voters spoke with an overwhelming voice, voting by a margin of three to one to preserve the city's only hillside from development. It took over a decade for the forces supporting similar development to mount a new battle; this time for the future of the Valley that joins Sonoma and Santa Rosa. The development of event centers and other tourism-related projects will inevitably lead to the expansion of Highway 12 and change the character of the "Valley of the Moon" forever. During a recent City Council meeting, John Sawyer said that community members need to adjust their expectations. He cautioned private citizens not to expect to have their opinions prevail in the rooms where decisions are made; even when a plan has been developed with strong support from the community and officials involved in the planning process. In a recent Santa Rosa?Press Democrat article, Brett Wilkison wrote, "Sawyer has support from the largest business and agriculture organizations, including the Sonoma County Alliance and Sonoma County Farm Bureau ... and real estate and building associations." Add to that list the newfound support from out-of-county Independent Expenditure groups, like the one in Los Angeles, and it becomes clearer why citizens are being asked by Sawyer to adjust their expectations downward. First District Voters deserve better. Will Sonoma Valley go the way of Napa Valley? The money culture is still in conflict with the ideal of rural living and small-town community that the Sonoma Valley has historically embraced. Susan Gorin's strong voice and decisive leadership will help preserve the character of Sonoma County. Sometimes those who live next to a waterfall become deaf to the sound and blind to the beauty. Voters who treasure Sonoma County need to make sure that big-money special interests from Los Angeles know that our county is not for sale. All my best, Stephen Gale,?Chair, Sonoma County Democratic Party This piece was published as an Op-Ed in the following papers: The Sonoma County Gazette Sonoma Valley Sun - October 17, 2012 print edition
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Statewide Days of Action - Battleground California

Saturday, October 13 and Saturday, October 27

We need you for our Statewide Day of Action! Join us to walk precincts or make phone calls!?

Join Democrats across California help to defeat the deceptive Prop. 32 that would rig elections for corporate special interests, pass Prop. 30 to stop the cuts to education and local public safety, and Win Back the House to give President Obama a Congress that will work with him, not against him!?

Meet up with us at one of the following locations:

Sonoma County Democratic Party
Campaign Headquarters
701 2nd St. (at D St.), Santa Rosa
9 am ? Training
10 am and 1 pm ? Precinct Walks
Phone Banks: Every Wed. 5-8 and Sun. 5-7
Snacks provided?

CTA Office
2490 Guerneville Rd., Santa Rosa
9 am - 12:30 pm ? Precinct Walk
1 - 4 pm ? Precinct Walk
Additional walks: 10/14, 10/20-21, 10/27
Phone Banks: Tues. Wed. Thurs. 5-8 pm
Snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner provided

North Bay Organizing Project
SEIU Office ? 600 B St., Santa Rosa
9 am - 1pm ? Precinct Walks
Training and snacks provided

The other side may have more money, but we have a strong grassroots community and boots on the ground, that?s how we are going to win on November 6th!

For more information contact us at 707-575-3029
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Vice Presidential Debate Watch Party

Thursday, October 11
5:30-8 p.m.
SCDP Headquarters
701 2nd St. (at D St.)
Downtown Santa Rosa
Join us to watch a live broadcast of the Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.

Refreshments available. Free parking nearby.
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SCDP Named Best Crab Feed in Sonoma County!

We're honored to have been chosen "Best Crab Feed in Sonoma County" in the Press Democrat's recent Readers' Choice competition!?

Save the date for our next Crab Feed:?Friday, February 22, 2013 - 25th Annual SCDP Crab Feed
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